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Instrument Travels

Haydn House Vienna.JPEG
Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna (4).JPG

The countryside just outside Prague, the mountains of Banff National Park, the Neue Burg in Vienna, Palermo in Sicily, and upstate New York… What do these places have in common?

My instrument travels have taken me throughout Europe and North America sampling originals and copies of keyboard instruments in museums, institutions, and private collections. Perhaps the most fascinating feature of early keyboards for me is their variety and richness in construction and sound, even with instruments made by the same builder. It has been an endlessly fascinating and enriching journey meeting restorers, curators, artisans, and early keyboard enthusiasts with exhaustive knowledge as well as an intense passion for these instruments. Each keyboard speaks in its own voice and playing on a faithfully-restored original or a brilliantly-made new copy reveals so much about the music that is contemporary with it.

Haydn House Vienna (4).JPG
Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna (3).JPG
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Me and Mozart's Piano Salzburg.jpg

My personal collection of keyboard instruments includes:

17th century harpsichord by David Jensen

Early 17th century Venetian harpsichord, copy made by David Jensen

Friederici clavichord built by Renee Geo

5-octave clavichord by Friederici (1774) made by Renée Geoffrion

Conrad Graf.jpg

Fortepiano by Conrad Graf (1835) restored by Edwin Beunk

Friederici clavichord built by Renee Geo
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